Importance Of Post Abortion Care In Qatar

Despite legalizing of abortions in some countries, there are still a number of women who die due to complications during abortions. Qatar is no exception and there is a need to increase awareness to try and reduce the deaths caused by lack of awareness. One very useful solution is the provision of post abortion care services in abortion hospitals in Qatar.

Post abortion care, also known as after abortion care, is an approach at reducing deaths resulting from unsafe or incomplete abortions and also facilitating quick recovery after an abortion procedure. Countries that have strict legal restrictions against abortions are hit hard when it comes to deaths due to unsafe abortions.

For example, access to abortion clinics in Qatar is very limited thanks to the strict regulations governing abortions. As a result, most people end up seeking the services of untrained individuals, thus risking the chance of developing complications during the process.

Post abortion care in Qatar helps in the following ways:

  • Limiting infections: A lot of bleeding takes place during and after an abortion. Hence there is a high likelihood of developing infections in the process. Good post abortion care will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to kill these infections early before they become big problems.
  • Counseling: Abortions are grueling and emotionally draining experiences that can leave individuals stressed and depressed. During post abortion care administration, patients talk to counselors to ensure that any emotional needs are identified and solutions provided.
  • Injuries from unsafe abortions: One of the biggest causes of abortion deaths is the injuries that are caused by unsafe abortions. Many things could go wrong when abortions are administered by unqualified personnel. When done at the right time, post abortion care can help prevent these deaths by treating these injuries before it’s too late. It is however important that this care is given by qualified abortion doctors in Qatar.
  • Family planning services: Even if an abortion has been successfully conducted with no complications, it’s important to ensure that a need for another abortion does not arise in future. This is done by ensuring that the patients get proper family planning advice on the different types of contraceptives that can be used in the future.
  • Calcium and Vitamins. During abortions, patients lose a lot of blood. To ensure that this blood loss does not end up in conditions such as anemia, the patients need to be advised on the best foods to take to ensure that this blood is replenished in the shortest time possible. If need be, blood transfusion can be arranged. This is best done during post abortion care by abortion doctors in Qatar.

Before getting an abortion in Qatar, regardless of whether you intend to use abortion pills or complex surgical methods, it’s important to first make sure that you know how you are going to get this important care that could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful abortion.

The local administration and hospital administrators in Qatar should also make a point of increasing access to this vital service to ensure that as many lives as possible are saved. Please note however that abortion in Qatar is illegal except under few exceptional circumstances. A safe, legal and confidential alternative to abortion in Qatar is American Hospital Bangalore located a short flight away in Bangalore, India.