We offer personalized health care and abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy services in compliance with The World Health Organization standards.


We’re located in Bangalore, India where medical termination of pregnancy/abortion is legal based on the patient’s conditions. The abortion procedure is conducted by highly experienced gynecologists, doctors and nursing staff.


All patient information is fully confidential and private. Any discussions regarding patient’s health care with the doctor at the hospital is regarded with utmost confidentiality.


Abortion Doctors In Qatar

Qatar, like many Middle Eastern countries is governed by strict laws that prohibit abortion. Thus for a woman living in Qatar; abortion might be one of the most difficult things to get. Nonetheless, although abortion in Qatar is illegal, it may be allowed only under very few and special circumstances.

Once in a while you may hear of abortion cases in Qatar. However, since the practice is not legal this would be just a few temporary illegal abortion clinics in Qatar that may try to perform the procedure. Furthermore, clinics like these do not last for long or stay in one location for a long time as the law enforcement will quickly catch up with them.

The other category of abortion that may be heard of in Qatar are illegal and quack doctors who try to make quick money out of desperate and unsuspecting women. These are the most dangerous people as they don’t have any medical background and they are not qualified to work as doctors. The equipment used by these self-proclaimed medical practitioners can be dangerous. The end results could be fatal and no woman should expose herself to such risks.


Safe Abortion In Qatar

The laws of this state are very clear on the punishments that one would face for having an abortion or helping a woman through an abortion process. First of all, a woman who has been found guilty of having an abortion is liable to imprisonment. This applies to a married woman who has decided to have an abortion with or without the consent of the father.

The law is even stiffer for unmarried women. To begin with, it is unlawful for an unmarried woman to have sexual relationship with a man, let alone to get pregnant. Thus the penalties of being in a sexual relationship with a man plus having an abortion will be compounded.

The laws of abortion in Qatar do not discriminate or favor foreigners. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner with different religious beliefs or not. In fact an unmarried foreigner found guilty of abortion would serve a prison sentence and then thereafter be deported back to their home country.

Abortion doctors in Qatar as well as abortion clinics in Qatar are rare and very few. Any abortion hospitals in Qatar or medical personnel who provide abortion services will lose their operating license.

The penalties are even tougher when a doctor performs an abortion procedure without the consent of the father. A woman cannot confide in a doctor and seek abortion services without the consent of the husband.


As earlier stated, the law does provide for few exceptions for women to have abortions. Abortion in Qatar is allowed on three basic conditions:

  • If the woman’s life or health is in danger due to the continuation of the pregnancy– Qatar abortion laws allow for abortion in case the mother’s life is at risk due to the continual growth of the pregnancy. This may be due to severe complications resulting from the pregnancy or simply the body not being able to sustain the pregnancy.Some women might also be having health problems that might be aggravated by the pregnancy. In this case the pregnancy would be terminated in order to ensure that the health of the woman is safe or stable.
  • If the baby has got defects– With advancement in technology it is pretty simple to know the health status of a baby soon after inception. Thus, in case it is determined by a doctor that the baby has extreme birth defects that may lower the baby’s survival chances or cause further traumatizing problems in the future, then abortion can be carried out. However, it should be noted that there are restrictions to this law.It is only when the baby has extreme birth defects that abortion will be allowed. Furthermore, in this case, the father of the baby or husband to the woman must give his consent. Lastly, this law permits abortion only if the pregnancy is not older than four months. Any abortion past four months is illegal and punishable by law.
  • For mental health reasons-In case of a mental problem with the mother and thus rendered incapable of taking care of the baby; abortion may be allowed. This is a common law in many countries that outlaw abortion and is normally the main loophole on getting abortions for women. However, this is not the case in Qatar. There are adequate systems and measures to ensure that one does not exploit this law and it is therefore impossible to get an abortion under the disguise of mental problems.

The few circumstances where abortion in Qatar is allowed do not come easy. Before any abortion procedure is undertaken; a panel of three independent doctors have to sit down and deliberate on the situations before approving the issue.


Due to the strict laws and illegal nature of abortions in Qatar, it has become increasingly difficult for women to get safe abortion services. A case in point is that women are even afraid of suggesting or talking to doctors on the possibilities of having an abortion.

Due to the above conditions, the number of unsafe abortions have exponentially increased in Qatar. The number of fake abortions hospitals in Qatar and fake abortion clinics in Qatar have also been on the rise. The only people suffering in all these are the women since they are putting their lives to danger each day by trying out unsafe abortion procedures.

Numerous cases have recently been reported where women went to unsafe abortion clinics in Qatar for abortion procedures. The procedures are done but not in the safest way leaving women with fatal infections or remnants of the pregnancy products. Such cases lead to expensive surgical procedures in order to rectify the problems.

Also the women are left with permanent scars both psychologically and physically. In other cases the women are severely hurt that they are not able to conceive again leaving them without the ability to have more children. Lastly in the worst case scenario women have lost their lives during this crude and unsafe procedure.



Abortion In Qatar

It is almost impossible to have an abortion in Qatar. However, people always try to find ways of solving problems however tough the law is or difficult the situation is. Apart from the illegal abortion clinics in Qatar which every woman should avoid by all means, there are other options that women use or may try as an alternative. These include:

1. Abortion Pills – Abortion pills can be administered orally or through the vagina and require no instruments, surgeries or admission in the hospital. This can be regarded as the easiest and most convenient method of having an abortion.

Abortion pills are also easy to acquire as they can be bought in any drug store or via a chemist. However, this is only the case in countries where abortion is legal. In Qatar you wouldn’t find any legal drugstore or chemist selling abortion pills and this will present a significant challenge.

However, there are online sellers of abortion pills that sell these pills through the internet. It should be noted that abortion pills need the supervision of a medical practitioner during administering. This is so as to monitor and take action in case of any complications or unexpected reactions.

Abortion pills can only be administered during the first trimester of pregnancy and a doctor must ascertain this before administering it. There can be fatal consequences in case a woman takes abortion pills wrongly or without following the right procedure and the doctor’s recommendations. Cases of women losing their lives have been reported due to wrong use of abortion pills and thus this is not a safe option for women to turn to.

Regardless, abortion pills are not a good option, especially without medical supervision by a qualified doctor or gynecologist, as they can be fatal causing deaths or serious health problems to women.

Abortion pills only work when the pregnancy is a few weeks old and the correct dosage needs to be administered by a qualified physician. Also, post abortion care is important to ensure safe patient recovery.

2.Travelling overseas – In India, abortion is legal and acceptable by law based on the patient’s conditions. This could be the best option for a woman seeking abortion in Qatar. Expat as well as Indian women can easily travel abroad for a safe, legal and confidential abortion procedure.

India offers safe and legal abortion. American Hospital Bangalore is one of the top hospitals that offer these services. We have a well-established abortion clinic as well as highly qualified and certified doctors and gynecologists to see you through the abortion procedure.



1. World class facilities – There is no doubt that American hospital Bangalore has some of the best hospital facilities in the world. Our main policy has been to always be on the forefront when it comes to technological innovation and application in the field of medicine.

We always import as well as buy locally, the most modern and advanced medical equipment. This ensures that our patients get the best treatment that there is using the very latest and technologically advanced equipment.

The standards that we maintain can only be matched by some of the leading hospitals in top European countries such as Germany, Britain as well as the United States. We pride ourselves on being a world class facility and a leading player in the medical industry.

2. Best trained doctors and gynecologists – American Hospital Bangalore does not only employ the best qualified doctors in different fields but we also consider experience as a key factor.

We have a mixture of highly qualified doctors as well as those with good experience. This way we have ensured that our patients are always in the right hands. Our doctors are the best that you can get in India and all over the world.

3. Confidentiality and Privacy – Our doctors are under oath to ensure that patient’s details remain private and confidential.  However, even before we indulge into the hospital’s confidentiality policy, it is important to note that abortion is legal in India and we are fully certified and licensed to carry out these procedures. It is our duty therefore to ensure that the information that our patients provide remain private and we provide the privacy guarantee.

4. Patient-doctor relationship – You can always speak to our doctors at a personal level and confide in them. We value our patients and therefore it is the duty of every doctor to treat every patient at a personal level.

You can as well speak to our doctors directly on phone when you are in Qatar and book an appointment well in advance. The doctors always keep a personal touch and this ensures that they follow up on every detail and will be with you every step of the way.

5. Experienced and highly qualified support staff – Our doctors, gynecologists, surgeons as well as other specialists do not work alone. Each of these personnel has a team of well trained and highly experienced support stuff.

The hospital team includes nurses, lab assistants and technicians among others. These are people who know their work and are always of great help to patients when needed.

6. Comfortable ambiance – Hospitals normally have a distinctive scary atmosphere but not American Hospital Bangalore. We have ensured that we provide state of the art facilities such as flat screens, Wi-Fi that is available 24/7, well designed and decorated rooms, air conditioners and round the clock room service.

We have gone out of the way to ensure that patients get all the comfort that they deserve in order to recover quickly and in a peaceful environment.

7. Quick and efficient services – We offer quick one-day procedures. We understand our patients have busy schedules and that is why we have put in place systems to ensure that you get served as soon as you get to the hospital.

The best way to benefit from the swift services is to call and talk to our doctors so that you can book an appointment in good time. This way; you will be able to land in the morning, arrive at the hospital and have the procedure at around 10 am and be through and ready to go back home by the end of the day as per the doctor’s recommendation.


Travelling abroad for whatever reasons might prove challenging especially if there is no one to guide you. Foreigners easily get lost and finding their way around might prove to be difficult.

However, here at American Hospital Bangalore we have done all that we can to ensure that your visit to India is as smooth as possible. We have put together a couple of services for your comfort and peace of mind, these services include:


  • Airport taxi services – When you have called us and booked an appointment with our doctors we can also make sure that we organize for taxi services once you land at the airport. These taxis will pick you from the airport and take you straight to the hospital. This will only take a few minutes and you will be at the hospital in no time.
  • Accommodation services – Finding a good place to reside can be a big challenge when visiting a foreign country. However we can make arrangements and book a room in one of the best hotels that are near the hospital. All you need to do is to book an appointment in good time and we can help you get good accommodation and travel facilities.

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  • US, UK, Germany trained
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Dr. Mamta

Dr. Mamta comes with over 15 years experience as a gynecologist and have doing abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy. Not only is she a highly qualified doctor, but she is also caring and compassionate with her patients. She ensures safe and maximum post-abortion medical care and recovery.



  • Gynecology and abortion expertise
  • Over 7 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Sister Amulya

Sister Amulya comes with over 7 years of experience as a gynecology nurse. She has vast experience in gynecology and medical termination of pregnancy/ abortion cases. She is friendly, kind and aspires to provide the best medical care for each of her patients.



  • International patients and hospital expertise
  • Over 30 years medical admin experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion counselling
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Mrs. Annamma Abraham

Mrs. Annamma comes with over 30 years of experience as an able, reliable and committed hospital administrator. Her vision and caring is unparalleled. She is kind, easy to communicate with and understanding of patient concerns. Most importantly she ensures her patients get the best medical care.

"We provide safe, confidential abortion and medical termination of pregnancy services in accordance with the highest International medical standards at American"

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Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

The doctor consultation over the phone is free. Call to discuss your medical situation with the doctor today.

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Scanning is done to determine the pregnancy stage, number of weeks etc. Blood tests are done to ensure patient safety and pregnancy details confirmation.

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynaecologist reviews patient information and determines procedure.



Safe medical abortion procedure is carried out via pills or medical termination of pregnancy. Gynaecologist and doctor advices patient on post-abortion health care and recovery.

Post Abortion Care

Post Abortion Care

After the abortion procedure, post abortion care is provided to ensure patient safety and quick and healthy recovery.

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